Hi, I'm Coach Vee!

Certified Sex Educator & Life Coach

You might be wondering: "What made you want to become a Sex Educator?"

The short answer is: HERPES! I was angry, confused and shocked when I found out I had HSV1. I had been "tested" two months prior and haven't had any new sexual partners since. That is when my doctor nonchalantly informed me that herpes isn't included in a standard STI screening.

All I could think was: "Why didn't they teach me this in that 90 minute sex ed class in high school?


I'm very passionate about sex, communication and humour. I created the Strictly Sex Instagram page in hopes of making people laugh, normalizing sex, and giving others a safe place to talk about everything and anything sex related in a sex positive, supportive, non judgmental space.

Social media has given me the opportunity to connect with so many wonderful people, but i've come to recognize a theme when connecting with others: A lot of us have grown up in a sex negative society, which leads to barriers and roadblocks when it come to embracing our sexuality and taking charge of our sexual health and wellbeing. We are all born sexual beings! But then the world slut shames and criticizes us for exploring, experimenting and even taking part in "taboo" activities that bring us sexual satisfaction.

Let me start off by saying YES I am a sex coach and NO I do not have sex with my clients.

You're probably thinking: "Why did I want to become a life coach?"

Because I believe everyone deserves shame free, guilt free, non judgemental pleasure. Before i signed up for my life coaching intensive I asked myself "If I could do something for the rest of my life, that I love doing, What would I Do?" without hesitation I knew the answer was: TALK TO PEOPLE ABOUT SEX!

Now that I am a Certified Sex Educator & Life Coach, I am ready to do just that.