A Healthy Love

A healthy love gives and doesn't grab. A healthy love is filled with support and free of shame. A healthy love is accepting, not...


Communication is key. Things are a hell of a lot easier when there's clear, consistent and respectful communication. Whether it's at...


Sex starts with yourself and you're allowed to indulge in pleasure as much as you'd like! P.s, I have never compared a sex toy to a partner!

The Weekly Wap

There is no one way to do life. There's no manual that we can follow and no definitive way to guarantee that we don't fuck it up. This is...


just because you don't agree or share the same interest doesn't mean what the person is sharing with you is weird, wrong, or bad.

My Tinder Bio And FAQ's

I should not have to minimize my personality or refrain from telling men about my passions or interests just to avoid being harassed.


I don't remember a time that I wasn't looking for love. Maybe it's when I was much younger, still playing in the grass. I was exploring...