My experience with piercings!

Cartilage, ears, rook, nose, nipples, bellybutton, hood. These are the piercings I have had and here are my experiences with them!

Please note: Everyones body reacts differently to piercings and I am not a professional, I am simply sharing my experiences about each of the piercings I have had.

2x Cartilage Piercings - Pain 5/10

My ears did not like having cartilage piercings. I ended up getting two big bumps around the piercings that eventually went away when I took the piercings out and applied hydrocortisone cream to the area multiple times a day for an extended period of time.

1x Rook Piercing - Pain 7/10

I ended up getting a huge blood filled bump around this piercing when I accidentally hit it with a plate. The bump eventually went away and I still have the piercing.

6x Earlobe Piercings - Pain 4/10

Pretty simple and standard. The only annoying issues I had with these were losing the backs of my earrings and getting them caught in my hair all the time, which drove me to taking them all out.

1x Nose Piercing - Pain 4/10

I never really had any major issues with my nose. The day I got it done I washed my face that night, forgetting I had just gotten my nose pierced and dragged a cloth down my face and caught it on the jewelry. It hurt SO bad. I remember the process being pretty painless, but my eyes watered from the needle going into my nose. The weird part about the whole thing was when the needle initially goes through it was almost like an extra hole to breathe out of for a second? It was a strange sensation.

The most annoying thing about a nose piercing is having it fall out. I experienced this quite often and woke up in a panic in the middle of the night on many occasions half asleep trying to put it back in so it wouldn't close up. I changed the jewelry to a hoop with a round flat piece on the end of it. Now it only kind of comes out when I give an intense blowjob or when I rub my nose while im wearing a mask because, covid.

2x Nipple Piercings - Pain 9/10

I wanted my nipples pierced for as long as I can remember. When I saw my sister get hers done all I could think of was how it looked like a skewer going through a piece of meat. I decided to get mine done when I had been single for 5 months, I figured it would be a good time to get them done because they could heal without it disrupting my sex life.. because there was no sex being had. It's almost been a year and they still get crusty, sometimes sore and sometimes have bumps around them but they always go away with consistent cleaning! The healing has been a bitch and I have to continue to be super mindful not to get them caught on anything. They look super cute though and I am happy with them.

2x Bellybutton Piercing - Pain 6/10

The first time I got my navel pierced, the person did it crooked and it ended up getting a bump around it. I ended up taking it out and getting it re done. The only annoying issue I still have with this is that the jewelry is always sideways and never stays in the right place.

1x Hood Piercing - Pain 8/10

This was by far THE EASIEST piercing I have ever had. It was a harsh pinch feeling when I got it done but right after it was pierced, the pain went away. I was running around and playing at the park with my niece 3 hours after getting it done. The only annoying part about the healing process was having to scale back the masturbating and not having sex. I ended up getting a pressure bump underneath my hood, it wasn't visible but it made masturbating a little uncomfortable. It ended up going away with consistent cleaning and changing the jewelry to a shorter/lighter bar. It is the cutest piercing and also makes masturbating without toys a lot more pleasurable!


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