Small penis, small problem.

Updated: Jan 30, 2020

I've had tons of women ask me "What do you do when a guy has a small penis?"

Honestly, for me, its never been a deal breaker or a huge issue. Not because I've only ever been with well endowed men, (I shit you not, I was on a 3 for 3 small dick streak in 2019). But, the reason it's never been a problem is because I'm a team player and it's true what they say, size isn't the only thing that matters.

So what do I do with a small penis? Absolutely nothing different than I would with an average sized one. It's been said that "small objects are usually a choking hazard." Not in this case, and since I'm a woman that loves to give head I take full advantage of these small pecker perks. I've heard some people claim they exaggerate/make choking noises while performing oral sex on someone with a smaller schlong to "Make the guy feel bigger." In my mind, it's unnecessary and actually reminds me of watching porn with annoying, over dramatic acting where the girl is moaning uncontrollably when someone sticks 1 finger inside her. Chances are, the penis owner is well aware of their size and over exaggerated choking may just lead them to believe you have a sensitive gag reflex, or worse, they'll know you're putting on an act to "make them feel better." To me, this type of performance falls under the same category as faking an orgasm and I know in my heart that it's just not proper blowjob etiquette.

In 2019 during my 3 for 3 small dick spree, I ran into a problem, the man I was seeing had such a small penis that it would kind of just slip out during sex. This was something that I had never experienced. With every thrust I would squeeze my pelvic floor muscles in hopes that I could hang on to him and prevent this from happening. With no luck after our second encounter, I found myself balls deep on google looking for "the best sex positions for a small penis." Him and I parted ways before I ever got to try any of them out and I was honestly a little sad that I did all that research for nothing. On the bright side, if I'm ever in that situation again I'll be well prepared and have some fun positions up my sleeve. Magic mountain ride, anyone?

My rule is to never comment on the below average size of a mans member (unless of course he's into humiliation play and requests that I do so.) Truthfully I don't think that size shaming a man is any different than body shaming someone for being overweight. The good news is there are ways to compliment a man without lying to him! You could say something along the lines of "You have a great dick." or "I love how hard it gets!" even something like "I need you inside of me." These are all things that could make a man feel confident and desired without even mentioning their size or seeming dishonest. Because as previously mentioned, size isn't the only thing that matters.

At the end of the day, a small penis is a small problem and having great sexual chemistry with an open minded, adventurous man is more important to me than the size of his genitalia.


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