What's your favourite position?

Updated: Jan 19

If someone asked what your favourite sex position is, would you know the answer right away?

I usually say "Anything with a dick in my mouth!" because blowjobs are my favourite pastime and hobby.

But there are things to be considered when picking the BEST position such as the shape and size of the partner I will be assuming the position for. Another thing to consider is the type of encounter we will be having. For example, my favourite positions for anal sex are different than my favourite ways to be penetrated vaginally. For instance, my go to positions for a hardcore BDSM scene are going to be different than my favourite positions for slower, more intimate sex.


Anal is a great rainy day activity and takes more time, care and attention than something like a blowjob. I need to be relaxed and have time to ease into it. I've found that the best way for me is to start in the SPOONING position which allows me to lay in a relaxed position where I can slowly inch my way back allowing my partner to enter at a pace and depth i am comfortable with. When I feel comfortable and relaxed (usually with the help of some clitoral stimulation) I will roll backwards on top of my partner and into the REVERSE COWGIRL position, still allowing me to control on the speed and depth of penetration but allowing my partner to have a pleasing view while taking it at a slower pace. I know this probably doesn't seem as appealing as the hardcore anal scenes you've watched in porn but porn is not reality and the reality of it is that it takes time, a gentle partner and lots of lube to make anal enjoyable. Another thing that can be helpful is when the giver experiments with being the receiver. When you become the receiver it can potentially make you a better giver!


Laying on my back with my head hanging off the side of the bed is almost the equivalent to a relaxing day at the spa with cucumbers covering my eyes, except instead of cucumbers, cock and balls. This position is great if you're feeling a little lazy and don't mind getting sloppy. Assuming this position allows my partner to go deeper and gives them more control (noticeably different than my approach to anal) as i enjoy a nice view of their balls and butthole that I wouldn't otherwise have. #blessthebutthole

I would not recommend it for beginners considering I nearly choked and died when a mixture of slobber and precum ran down my face and into my nose.


For PIV (#penisinvagina) it really depends on the shape and size of my partners penis. I usually find myself having the most O's during cowgirl, when I can easily use my hand or a clit vibe to enjoy clitoral stimulation while being penetrated. However, my favourite positions granted they are comfortable and not tearing up my cervix, are prone bone AKA the jockey position OR doggy style. I like these positions because they require minimal effort on my part and provide deep penetration while my partner can easily grab a fist full of my hair at the base of my skull for maximum pleasure!


My FAVOURITE most intimate position is definitely the lotus. It allows me to be very close and feel really connected with my partner while kissing and embracing them during penetration (something that something such as standard doggy doesn't allow for.) the downside to this position is that It's not very toy friendly but it is great for the bath!


This position has been on my fucket list for quite a while! I find that men aren't as willing to it because it requires them being in a more "vulnerable" or "submissive" position. It looks amazing and would be a little out of my comfort zone since it is a bit more of a "dominant" one. But at the end of the day, if it feels good, it feels good, no matter how vulnerable, submissive, or dominant it may be!

Happy humping! *Illustrations by Sean Jameson from badgirlsbible.com*


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