Why I'm Shameless On Social Media

I create and post content I am proud of.

Sometimes that looks like inspirational quotes. It could be blogs about relationships, communication, or sex. Often times the things I share on social media are my own lived experiences and lessons.

I re-post things that I find helpful or interesting. I spend a lot of time on social media creating content of all kinds. But the one common theme is that I always create and release content that I am proud of!

So if you see a nude photo of me on the internet, just know I am not ashamed. I am happy I get to create and share things that I love! Whatever feelings it brings up for you is really none of my business. In the end, you can feel however you want to feel about the work I post but I will never stop doing things that make me proud of myself and bring me feelings of fulfillment and happiness.

If you love and support me, you wouldn't want me to anyway.

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