Your sexuality is for you, it's not for them.

Would you rather live your truth and weed out the people who don't fully love and support you,

or are you happy living according to other people's standards and beliefs?

Think about the relationship you have with your sexuality.

Is there fear, anxiety, shame or uncertainty?

Do you feel worried that if someone finds out your most intimate desires that they will judge you?

Have you been scared that your partner will question you if they find out what type of porn you watch?

Are you anxious that if you're open and honest about activities you enjoy and take part in them regularly that you may be seen as a"slut?"

Do you feel inclined to give people excuses and reasons as to why you do, or have done things that bring you joy and pleasure?

Are you convinced that if you get an STI that you will be seen as "dirty" or "impure?"

Does it give you anxiety thinking about the number of sexual partners you've had? Have you thought that maybe you should "slow down" because your nearing double digits?

These are all thoughts that I've had. They are not facts, or anything other than negative, toxic, beliefs and constructs that I have learned from living in a sex negative society.

It takes a lot of learning (and unlearning) but I'm no longer concerned about how people view me or my sexuality. My sexuality is for me, it's not for them. I now know that if I worry about other people's beliefs, standards and sexual values, I am only diminishing my own.

Ask yourself, are you living according to your beliefs and standards or someone else's? And remember, your sexuality is for you, it's not for them.


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